IN.THE.TRENCHES is a affordable individualized program, this variation of the regular program offers only the strength pieces of the program. The full program requires individuals to train 5 days a week for +/-2 hours per session, this program is for training 3 days a week with session's of 1 to 1,5 hours. So if you do the regular WODs at your box and you want to focus on the resistance training side of the sport then this program is for you.


What you get:

  • An account into TrueCoach, where you can log workouts, track progress, see demo video's and more.
  • 3 days of strength training including warm ups and cool downs
  • Communication with our coaches via TrueCoach if you have any questions
  • Resistance training that trains your weakness whether that's: powerlifting (absolute strength), olympic weightifting (strength speed) or muscle endurance


What you don't get:

  • A one size fits all approach
  • A "get your program and go away" type of approach