The Themis protocol is designed to improve motor control, which means the goal is to improve the communication from your brain to your muscles. This is an absolute must for beginners because it will ensure that they will have a better expression of their fitness at a later stage because motor control is not one of their limiting factors. You can also see that when people skip this part and start training too fast, too heavily, they seriously injure themselves due to a lack of motor control and an incorrectly built basis. In the end, the people who skipped this part of the training will always come back to get it anyways because they are noticing stagnation or they are deadling with an injury related to bad motor control.

The protocol looks like this:

You start with a short intake that shows whether there are lifestyle factors that have a lot of influence on the mobility or health of your body. After that the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) follows. This assessment brings certain weaknesses to light and measures how mobile you are based on the 7 functional movements. With these insights we make a Personal Intervention Plan (PIP) and send it to you together with the 12-week program.


The program consists of 3 training days, 1 training day takes about 1,5 hours and consists of three parts: Mobility, Warm up and Strength. The program can be combined with other group lessons or fitness training as long as the focus of those group lessons is not on strength and as long as the exercises in those lessons are not too complex so that you fall back into your old movement patterns. In your PIP you will find, among other things, your limiting factors that are currently blocking your path to your maximum physical potential. It also contains exercises and advice based on functional movement screening. After the 12-week program you will receive another FMS to see how much improvement has been observed and you will receive an evaluation document which includes the observations of the second FMS.


Do you want to know what this program looks like? Ask for a trial week without any obligation.