AEXEL stands for excelling, We want people to train with the focus on personal growth. We don´t focus on ego satisfaction but instead on long term progression, we think that is the only way to keep growing throughout a lifetime of fitness. We want people to train with intention, that they know their personal weaknesses and do the exercises that are needed to get that weakness out of the way. First we need to balance out your fitness, whether that is with mobility prioritised training or with aerobic capacity building. Then increasing overall fitness while still monitoring if any imbalances occur.  We give honest advice and applicable training/programming that is designed to get you to your goal without any setbacks. 


We offer:

-Fully and partial individualised CrossFit programming that is intended to fix personal weaknesses

-personal coaching to, not help people get better the one hour that they are in the gym but much rather help them perform better the other 23 hours outside the gym.

-consults for companies to help their employees to perform better at their job.


Our goal is to balance out overall fitness and then increase overall capacity.