Focus training

Focus training is one hour where you can learn desired skills or movements under supervision of a coach. This is not personal training, we don´t hold your hand in the gym, we only give practical information that you can implement during solo sessions. This is not a membership, of course it is possible to use this service multiple times but we don´t encourage people to purchase ungoing PT-sessions. 


Sport specific group training

This is a sport specific training where we use functional fitness to improve the performance of athletes. This service is perfect for the off season, during a consult we can discuss the quantity and the optimal approach.

Office/work rehab 

This is an on-site consultation to get employees to function better. We will perform assessments, behavior analysis, and lifestyle checks. This way, employee’s performance, and vitality increases while lowering unnecessary stressors, risks of illnesses, and risks of injuries that will affect the mental state of individuals or movement capabilities. What does this look like?