Annie on roids

for time


Triple unders

GHD sit ups


*If regular annie if already a pain in the ass for you, we would suggest mastering that workout first.

Wodka lover

5 rounds of

30 russian swings

10 russian twist

10 russian dips

10 russian v-ups


*Russian v-up can be performed with the legs on the ground. Use a medball for the russian twists.

Parking lot WOD (beginner level)

emom 15 min

1-15 jumping jacks+10 air squats

2-12 baby burpees (no push up burpee)

3-10 reverse lunges+10 mountain climbers

Death by cardio


1-10 cal row

2-10 cal ski

3-10 cal bike (flywheel bike)

4-1 min rust


*Add one calorie after every round. When you have reached and done 20 cals then the workout is over. Every calorie that you did not do, will convert in to burpees. So if you skipped the last round, you will need to do 60 burpees. If you have consitently missed 2 burpees in the last 3 rounds it will convert in 18 burpees.


The strategy is to slowly increase the speed after each round. Try to really take your time in the first few rounds.


ITT cyclical aerobic workout 100820

aexel program

Parking lot WOD (intermediate level)

5 rounds for time of

8 pistol squats

12 push ups

30 double unders (no rope? 30 jumping jacks)

Parking lot WOD (advanced level)

10x1 min on 1 min off

10m handstand walk

30 double unders

max pistols in the remaining time


*goal is to keep a sustainable pace and keep the numbers of pistols performed as equal as possible.

Parking lot WOD (beginner level)

50 rft
1 burpees
2 reverse lunges

3 jumping jacks

Advanced Gymnastics WOD

amrap 12 min

6 ring muscle ups

12 pistol squats

6 deficit handtand push ups

24 double unders


Intermediate Gymnastics WOD

amrap 12 min

6 kipping pull ups

12 single leg reverse burpees

6 handstand push ups

24 double unders

Beginner Gymnastics WOD

amrap 12 min

6 ring rows

12 air squats

6 push ups

50 single unders

Parking lot gymnastics WOD

5 rounds of

7m handstand walk

10 sec hollow hold

10 sec arch hold

10 pistol squats 

Upperbody home strength WOD


5 rounds of

8 eccentric push ups (make someone push you downwards)

8 seated buddy towel rows


Lowerbody home strength WOD


amrap 12 min

7 sec overcoming isometric squat (push into an unmoving object)

7 sec overcoming isometric towel deadlift (stand on a towel with both feet, the end of the towel in the hands and then try to finish hip extension

Home power WOD


amrap 12 min

7 jumping air squat (every jump as high as possible)

5 plyo push ups (clapping)