The pique protocol


This Protocol is probably the first ever, velocity based training program specifically for CrossFitters. Need more explaining as to what velocity based training can do for an individual? Then watch this video.

The pique protocol focuses on improving the force-velocity ratio. This protocol is still under development but can already be requested if the requested person posseses the right mechanics. This means that you have to be able to perform the techniques perfectly. If this is not the case, the person has submaximal expressions and therefore the program will not be individual because there are numbers measured that are not correct. Compensations can increase the speed.


The protocol starts with a force-velocity assessment which tells us where you sit on the continuum of absolute strength to absolute speed. Knowing this, we apply a dose which is optimal to balance out the force velocity curve or increase a balanced curve. This program is based off of studies like:

  • Samozino (2015)
  • Morin (2016)
  • Samozino (2014)
  • Samozino (2008)

A dose could look like: 2 strength exercises, 2 strength-power exercises and 2 power exercises, it depends on on the individual. For this program, it is best advised if you use a accelerometer like these: