Home WODs (workout of the day) with specific goals

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The needs of individuals are different, as are their goals. Below we have put some CrossFit at home workouts together that have specific goals. These goals are accomplished when the intent of the CrossFit athlete is correct. Try it out and let us know how it went.

Aerobic respone:


10x1 min on 1 min off

10 reverse lunges

10 baby burpees

15 jumping jacks


*goal is to keep effort sustainable and repeated. If in round one you have 1 full round, the upcoming rounds need to be as close to this as possible. Effort is not maximum, you need to realize that the aerobic system is not trained when maximal intensity is given. Only during the rest time it is now needed, but that is not the goal for this workout. The goal is to get the aerobic system to work as much as possible during work and rest times. This way we can push the ability to make contractions more aerobic which will, in turn, help people sustain better through CrossFit WODs.


Aerobic respone:


Amrap 30 min

20 sec marching wall sits

10 tuck ups

30 single unders (or run, or high knee jog in place)

1 wall walk


*split times should be pretty equal, for example:

round 1- 2:01

round 2- 2:00

round 3- 2:00

round 4- 1:59



Glycolytic response:


4x40 sec on 3-4 min off



*this is pretty basic, but to express the anaerobic system effectively with limited equipment, the sprint is the easiest way to get glycolytic responses. The goal is to go fast, but do make sure to pace to a certain amount and repeat effort throughout the 4 sets. If done properly, 4 sets are a lot. It does not seem a lot, but 4x40 seconds of true glycolytic intervals are really difficult. If it was not, you were probably not training this system. This means that you should then focus on erasing the factor that is limiting you from expressing this system and getting its benefits.


Glycolytic response:


5x100m/3-4 min rest

Car push


*Again, go fast. Pushing a car is less motor control demanding, making it easier to tap effectively into the glycolytic system.

ATP-CP response:


8x2 vertical jump-3 min rest


*Goal is to jump as high as you can.


ATP-CP response:


5x3 negative handstand push up


*this one if for individuals who are not able to do handstand push-ups. If you are able to do them, I would recommend strict handstand push-ups instead and make them heavier in a way that you can´t do more than 3 reps. For example deficit handstand push-ups or banded.


Agility workout:


Agility, if done properly, can have tremendous effects on the body. Individuals will for instance improve their reactiveness, change of direction speed, absolute speed and more. To effectively train agility, individuals do need some level of motor control.

The square:


The diamond:


Stability workout:


4 rounds of

60 sec single leg balance (30 sec L-30 sec R)

12 T-push ups alt.


*this is not for time, take it easy. Focus on using the right muscles.


emom 12 min

1-10m (slow) low bear crawl

2-10 alt. reverse lunge into vertical jump (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzmbDaYSOl0)

3-10 contralateral RDL+row (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFaLM_jhfmc)


Mobility workout:


For mobility workouts we have made some follow along routines. For adaptations to take place upon mobility training, individuals should do it multiple times a day.


Modalities and intent are crucial to an individuals response to a specific workout. We view the information above as prescribtions, we prescribe certain training to see how the ´client´ reacts to it. The right dose can create a good response but too much or too little can be bad.


Learn more about how we do that here

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