How to become a better CrossFitter

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The number 1 thing that will separate athletes are the years of experience. There will be naturally gifted athletes in any sport, “but the saying hard work beats talent” definitely applies within CrossFit. Our sport has so many different types of movement that will take a long time to master. The more years you actively pursue the sport the better you will become. 

Consistently pursuing becoming better at the sport will not only happen with training, Eating healthy, sleeping enough, drinking water, and making the right choices are also part of the process.


Consistency is the key to success. 

Consistency leads to habits. 

Habits form the actions we take every day. 

Action leads to success. As Anthony Robbins said : “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”   


Initially consistency will be easy, after seeing something exciting like the CrossFit games or feeling motivated by a movie or a book. Doing the right thing will be easy for a day, eating the right things, drinking enough water, training hard and going to bed on time. That is easy to do for a month. 

Successful athletes have continued that trend for years, that is why they are successful in their given sport. 



Nowadays following a CrossFit program is like watching Netflix, there are so many different outlets that the ones with the best marketing strategy attract the most number of athletes. And because there are so many different options people tend to hop from one program to another when something comes up that they don’t like. 


A well rounded good CrossFit program will include the athlete weaknesses and focus on those while improving their strengths. It will have a balanced strength portion with progressive overload, gymnastics, conditioning and wods that keep the athlete interested. 


Big misconception about becoming a better athlete “you have to do intense workouts” also known as dying every workout 

I follow multiple CrossFit games level athletes on social media. Most people only post the interesting stuff to attract more likes / views. Big lifts and intense metcons, leading to the conclusion to become better at CrossFit you have to do intense stuff every day. If you look closely some of the better “Games” athletes follow a boring program in which they occasionally do an intense workout. Intensity isn't the norm, it should be an outlier.



The execution of any movement throughout its full range of motion while maintaining the utmost integrity in all points of performance ideals (i.e. midline stability) in a movement. When you add some intensity to a movement, technique will break down that is a given. The body will naturally recede to the most practised way of moving. If you do not take the time to properly learn all the movements properly you will stagger your progress rapidly and unlearning will take even more time. Finding a good coach and or program that can help you with movements and programming will be very valuable if you plan on either growing as an athlete or competing. 



Actually becoming better takes a lot of time, patience, grit, determination and hard work. In all walks of life, progression is never linear; life will throw obstacles in your way. Focus on doing the right things in your training, most of the time these will not be very glamorous or “instagram” worthy but eventually you will reap the benefits from your work. 

Rob Scharff

Crossfit coach/athlete

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