Forced mechanics

Gepubliceerd op 1 november 2021 om 13:09

It’s not just “your perferred squat form” if it’s the only option you’ve got.

Being forced into a position is never a good state to be in.

On the left you see a low bar backsquat and on the right a high bar backsquat. As you can see the torso is more upright when doing high bar back squats compared to the low bar back squats.

Low bar vs high bar back squat

Usually this results in more quad activity because the angle at the knees is smaller.

Both can be used in training and both are great exercises, the goal is to have options to choose from.

So you shouldn’t be able to ONLY do backsquats with your nippels facing the floor aka lowbar back squats BUT a low bar back squat is not a bad exercise.

It isn’t bad for your back to squat this way, because why would it be any different from a goodmorning?

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